Life is Temporary

Life passes you by so quickly. You won’t even realise it until it’s too late and suddenly you can’t do the things you wanted to do for the people you love the most anymore. You tend to be more impatient with things around you, and you stick to your habit doing the same things day in day out until you just don’t know anymore why you’re doing those things.

When you were a kid, the world was full of wonder. You got up every day looking forward to how the day was going to end. Even sitting alone without anyone could still be enjoyable. You could get lost in your own imaginary world, fantasising that you were conversing with a platoon of your army ready to launch an attack to enemy’s base camp. Every day was an adventure, you wouldn’t have to worry what future might be for you because every single day was most important, what you were going to do that day was what really mattered you.

I just can’t remember when this kind of wonder faded out, and the reality started to hit me. I suddenly realised that I should have responsibilities that I should be worried about what tomorrow may bring. What would happen if I don’t have any decent job? Would I be able to feed my family? Would I be able to take care of my parents? I forgot when these stupid questions came into my life.

Two different life events happened to me in the past two days.  It contrasts because one was about losing someone you love, and the other about embracing a loved one coming into your life.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been following up the updates from my friend back at university in Melbourne on facebook. I wasn’t that close with him, but he was okay, I guess, a very nice guy who seemed to be very jolly when we were in Melbourne. I think I didn’t have time to be really close to many people, nor I could enjoy my time fully there. I was facing a different kind of challenge, as I was finishing my study. What kind of problem that I met could be another story that I may share later?

After we graduated, we all went back home, and I knew later that he got married to his girlfriend whom he had met before going to Melbourne. She also went to study in Melbourne but was at a different university. Their lives were on the right path. Both got a job, and then a child came to their life. It’s a beautiful girl with black curly hair.

Who would then expect what happened next? A few weeks ago, his wife got diagnosed with leukemia. It was then going down the hill after that. She was treated in the hospital for a couple of weeks. From the photos and comments he made on his Facebook, it seemed that his wife was unconscious ever since she fell ill. She passed away two days ago, and her funeral was yesterday. Everything seemed so perfect, a young couple with a beautiful girl, but death ripped away from the happiness, took the wife away and set this family apart. It’s a tragedy.

However, life is, indeed, amazing. A day after that, a new life began in a different place. My friend was blessed with yet another baby boy, this is .. wait I lost count, the fifth or the sixth child, the fifth child I guess. It wasn’t a natural delivery. They came to the hospital early in the morning and only to find the doctors advised for an operation, half an hour in the surgery room, the baby was born. She was healthy and stable, but the mother went through a hard time. The blood pressure was high, and she was having a seizure. Later that day, she was then transferred to a different hospital. I hope she would recover soon and could be reunited with her baby.

These two events are extraordinary to me, not only because they occurred in two consecutive days, but they remind me that life has a beginning and an end. LIfe is fragile, but also beautiful. I was told that not all hopes are lost, and you could always expect good things would come to you as well.  I’m sure my friend would, in the end, recover from the loss of his wife one day. It will leave a scar to his heart, it may take years before he can recover, but good things will also come to his life. It also reminded how insignificant our life is. We tend to think our lives on earth is the most significant one, we want to be unique, we want to be recognised. We enjoy the power we have over others, and that make our actions seem justified, at the workplace, at home, with friends and families.

Little we realise our life is just temporary.  What we have today, our position, our fame, our knowledge, our possessions, they would all mean nothing one day, when your ability to breathe is taken away from you suddenly.  Think again about your priorities in life. Would you instead spend more hours every day working, or spend these hours with the ones you love? You never know you might lose them or they might lose you tomorrow. If you lose your job, you can always find a new one, but you can’t find your loved ones back if you lose them away.

Dedicated to my Unimelb friend and baby Gabriel Alexandre

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