Nikki Our First Dog in Kupang


Nikki and Kayla
Nikki and Kayla

This time it’s not about Kayla but bapa Nikki our first dog. He is not just a pet but our family member. He came as part of the package of the house that we rented ten years ago. He had already lived in the house when we rented the place. He was my former boss’ dog. Nikki was misunderstood back then when we first met him. Everyone thought that he was an aggressive dog. No one could go near him because he would growl and nip. He used to stay at the back yard and was deprived of socialisation with other dogs and surrounding areas. That was why he didn’t trust people easily. I tried to win his heart each day until one day; I was able to put a collar on his neck and then slowly introduced him to our morning or afternoon walk. After that, he was a different dog transforming from a dog who wouldn’t allow anyone to touch him becoming a dog who jumped around in excitement if he saw me getting his leash for our walk.

Our walk was also tough in the beginning. Nikki would pull you and lash to any dog that we came across along the road. Slowly he got used to our walk and then totally ignored all other dogs that we met and just enjoyed the view. A year later, we bought our own house. When we moved into our new home, Nikki and I were the last to leave our rented house. There was a moment of pride and relief when we locked all the doors and started walking to our new house. We could finally have a place we call the home of our own. Nikki needed no transition at our new location because he felt home immediately. His job descriptions then expanded. He is not only our security guard but our pest control specialist as well. He is skilful in catching rats, a skill that he then teaches Kayla, Amber, and Merlin (the other three dogs we have). Unfortunately, not only rats but all other animals are not allowed to enter either. Neighbour’s chickens would face a grim fate if they accidentally come to our lot. Nikki is now around 64 years old for human age.

According to American Kennel club, to estimate a dog’s life is to calculate that the first year of a dog’s life is around 15 years of human age, the second year is nine years, after that each dog’s year is about five years of human year. Nikki is slowing down and very weak now. I hope he could survive and meet us once again for the last time. A quote that I like so much says, “A dog might be only a part of your life, but for him, you are his whole life”. Hang on there Nikki, wait for us home, we miss you a lot.

(in memory of Nikki – you will be forever missed)

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