Amanohashidate, a bridge in heaven

Have you ever seen a Ghibli’s movie entitled “From Up on Poppy Hill”? Located in Miyazu Bay on the coastal area of northern Kyoto Prefecture, Amanohashidate reminds me of the scenes I saw in this movie, the small town, the boats and the hill overlooking the beach. Amanohasdhidate is famously known for its stunning view of the sandbar connecting each side of the bay.


Amanohashidate is actually quite a distance from Osaka. The trip from Osaka to Amanohashidate took us at least 3.30 hour by train from Shin-Imamiya station with a quick stop at Fukuchiyama station. The scenery along the way was equally beautiful to all other rural areas in Japan. After taking a quick lunch, we hopped on the ferry to go across the bay. The day was gloomy with occasional rain, or else it would have been an enjoyable experience to walk across the sandbar or rent a bike. However, taking a Ferry was not a lesser pleasant moment either. I noticed many seagulls were perching on different parts of the ferry and then just as the ship started to sail, they flew right along and followed the boat. Apparently, you could feed them with prawn crackers sold at the ferry terminal or on the ship. I braved the cold breeze outside and enjoyed throwing the crackers for them to catch on air. They were not even scared to fly by and took the chips directly from my fingers!



The boat trip lasted for about fifteen minutes. From the ferry terminal, you need to walk for about 10 minutes to get to the bottom of the hill to aboard a cable car or a chairlift to go up to Kasamatsu Park up on the hill to enjoy the epic view of Amanohashidate. Unfortunately, because of the weather, the chair lift was not operational on that day.

On a Cablecar going up to Kasamatsu Park.
View of Amanohashidate sandbar from Kasamatsu viewing deck. The name Amanaohashidate means a bridge in heaven illustrating the sandbar as the bridge

The best thing about Amanahohashidate, you didn’t find the usual tourist crowd as to how you’d see in other tourist destination spots in Japan. There was a cafe with window glass overlooking the bay. Since it was raining, we sat there enjoying the beautiful scenery accompanied by the soft flavour of a cup of cappuccino. I couldn’t help but hearing the sweet sound of Sayonara no Natsu in my head as I sip the last drop my coffee.  If given a chance, would I come back again to visit Amanohasdhidate? Of course, without a doubt.


Rainy day in Amanohashidate

From Up on Poppy Hill –

Sayonara No Natsu  –



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