My favourite shots of home

I was born and grew up in Kupang, Timor Indonesia. My mother and grandmother were also born in Kupang, including my great grand parents. Our clan originally lived in Bonipoi, a moslem populated area in the old neighbourhood of Kupang City. My great grandmother was originally from Savu Island. Her family name was Wadu. Upon marrying, a moslem trader, my great grandfather, she was converted to Moslem, given a different name, but then the family started to drift a part from the Savu side of the family. It’s sad because now we’ve lost contact with this part of family.

I call this city home, despite being born in this city, growing up here, and even having generations of family living in this city, I don’t think people would see me as a Kupang origin because of my father’s origin. He is from Java and the funny things is, he wasn’t even born there. Yet, he gave me a Javanese name. So here I am, couldn’t qualify as someone from Kupang and was frowned upon by the people when I was working at the rural villages in Java for having a Javanese name but not being able to speak the language. What an irony.

Yet, I love this city, I love its country side, its blue sky, the smell of rain, and the soothing feeling of the sands on my bare feet while watching the big orange sun as it’s setting down.

So here they are some shots from home. Some are taken in Kupang, others are in different parts of Timor Island.

I hope you like them too.

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