My Favourite night shots

I learned how to take photographs because I want to take photos of the people I know and make them look good like the ones in the magazines. Funny eh? I am just happy when I can look at their smiles seeing their own photos. Along the way, I learned many techniques and one of my favorites would be night photography. These are my collections of night photography from different places around the world that I’d like to share. Enjoy.

1. Prince Bridge, Melbourne Australia

My first night shot. Dumas taught me how to take a proper night shot. I can remember this was a winter night and we both braced the cold weather just to take this shot. Thanks mate!

2. Opera House, Sydney Australia

My wife was very patient even though it was quite cold that night. This would be one of the many nights, she had to go through to accompany me taking night photography.

3. Brooklyn Bridge, New York USA

For this shot, my wife’s family had to brace the chilly temperature with me. I didn’t have my tripod with me then, so what I did was to put my camera on a garbage bin. One of my useful tricks, I’d look for a stable place to place my camera.

4. Flinders Station, Melbourne Australia

Of course, if you’re in Melbourne, you wouldn’t miss this iconic building.

5. Glico, Osaka Japan

I couldn’t find this place until the second visit to Osaka.

6. The Ruins, Bacolod – Philippines

It wasn’t planned but our visit to the ruins was during the full moon. This place is a gem and worth to visit again.

7. Lake Michigan, Chicago

One of the coldest evening I had experienced. The strong and cold wind from the lake were freezing. My wife and her aunt had to take shelter behind a bus stop. I couldn’t stand very long, after two or three shots, I also gave up.

8. Garden Rhapsody, Singapore

This spot where I took the photo would be the best place to watch the light show. You have a full view of these light trees and Marina Sands at the background.

9. Selamat Datang Monument, Bundaran HI, Jakarta Indonesia

I remember taking this photo along side some teenagers with all their fancy gears. It took how many years of saving for me to upgrade my gears, but these kids could get access to these gadgets at the very young age. Well, it’s Jakarta.

10. Kowloon Public Pier, Hongkong

Also using garbage bin to support my camera, I found it hard to keep the camera stable because of the wind

11. Marina Bay, Singapore

12. Otaru Canal, Hokkaido Japan

One of the most beautiful places for photography

13. Mt. Coot-tha Summit Look out, Brisbane, Australia

14. Lawang Sewu, Semarang – Indonesia

15. Otaru Canal, Hokkaido Japan

16. Hakodate street at Motomachi, Hakodate Japan

17. Timesquare, New York USA

18. Chicago skyscrapers, USA

19. Bandung street at night, Indonesia

20. Mt. Hakodate, Hakodate Japan

21. Fort Goryokaku, Hakodate Japan

This place was just a walking distance from our accommodation. The only regret I had was we spent just a couple of nights in Hakodate. There are too many beautiful places but too little time.

22. Mt Fuji, Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi Japan

Not a best one but I will put it up here so I will be reminded to take another try if ever I get to chance to visit her again.

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