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Merawat benih investasi, akankah tumbuh dan berkembang (Part 1)?

“Pak, investasi di Saham, gak?” Gita bertanya secara tiba-tiba lewat Whatsapp message. Gita adalah rekan kerja di kantor. “Enggak Git, but I’d love to learn about it”, jawabku Percakapan singkat ini merupakan langkah pertamaku menapaki perjalanan investasi di akhir tahun lalu. Beberapa bulan berselang dan tentu saja masih terlalu dini

Flutter like a Butterfly

The sun had just come out that afternoon. It had been raining for days so it was a pleasant change of weather to have a bit of sunshine. It did not last for long though. I went out and sat on the white bench at the small space at the

Why do we steal?

There is a saying in Bahasa Indonesia, “Kejahatan akan terjadi jika ada kesempatan dan ada keinginan“, a crime will occur if there is an opportunity and a will to commit the crime”. Two main factors contributing to committing crimes are boiled down to these two aspects; opportunity and willingness.  What

Three Sides of A Story

One A man came home sharing his day at the office to his wife, “He came to me, shook my hand and said goodbye. He said he was summoned by our director this morning. He had been staying at home for almost a week since his case was discovered. He

I thought my project is performing well

After working for almost twenty years in development projects, I now realise project implementers have very often misunderstood the success of their projects. Unfortunately, in a donor-grant implementer or client-subcontractor relationship, everyone seems to be more interested to see if their plans are successful in achieving the intended objectives, hoping

My Sister and Cerebral Palsy

This is the story of my sister. Her story is unique not only because she is a special person to me, but because of her spirit of life despite all her conditions.

A Taxi Driver and Tulah

I had an exciting encounter with a taxi driver when I was going from the airport to the hotel about a week ago. I actually wasn’t too excited to have a chat with any taxi driver after 3-4 hour flight.

Insignificant particle in the ocean of darkness

    We are all unaware that we live and share a small, confined space we call home. This tiny space is unfortunately warm and cozy that it makes us all ignorant and oblivious to our surroundings. I know you’d argue that you’re not living in a small space, you


“Pagpag – leftover food from fast-food restaurants scavenged from garbage sites and dumps.[1] The word in the Filipino language literally means to “shake off”, and refers to the act of shaking the dirt off of the edible portion of the leftovers. The act of eating pagpag arose from the practical challenges of

Life is Temporary

Life passes you by so quickly. You won’t even realise it until it’s too late and suddenly you can’t do the things you wanted to do for the people you love the most anymore. You tend to be more impatient with things around you, and you stick to your habit

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