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My Favourite night shots

I learned how to take photographs because I want to take photos of the people I know and make them look good like the ones in the magazines. Funny eh? I am just happy when I can look at their smiles seeing their own photos. Along the way, I learned

Weaving the memories

“To make one large piece like this can take up to two to three months, but that’s because we don’t always weave every day” The road to Nansean village was going up-hill. The small pick-up truck bounced every now and then trying to tame the gravel road that we took

Remembrance of the Past

Have you ever smelled a particular scent or tasted some specific flavour that immediately took you back to a place or experience in the past? I did all the time but only for some specific smell and taste. There is an actual scientific explanation to that, but I’ll get to

Reaching for Fulan Fehan

Kayla is approaching nine years old soon. I thought we could embark on another adventure together, the three of us. What would be the furthest travel that we could take from Kupang I wonder. Fulan Fehan! I have been reading and fascinated about this place for a while. Fulan Fehan

My 10 favourite photos of Australia

This is probably the most difficult photo shortlisting process that I have made and perhaps I might have to update this post many times in the future for continuing making changes of the selected photos, so please bear with me. I lived in Australia for a couple of occasions. The

My 10 favourite photos of Mt. Fuji

The first time I got to see Mt. Fuji was back in 2017 when I got a glimpse of the mountain as we were cruising on a Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo. My wife and I then came back to Japan in Autumn 2018 and came up close with Mt.

Do you want to see Sakura as early as February? Go to Kawazu

We just arrived in Shizuoka from Nagano. This was the ninth day of our two-week winter trip in Japan. Starting from Sapporo and Hakodate with the temperature ranged around -5 to -7 degrees Celsius, then we moved to Nagano with -4 degrees, suddenly a 9 degrees temperature in Shizuoka felt

Snow Monkey Park in Nagano (Jigokudani)

.. The name doesn’t fit with the place. Jigokudani means “Hell’s Valley”, but it is not anyway near a hellish kind of place when you see it.  It was dark, and I had to squint my eyes, trying to find where the bus stop was. Darn, I didn’t have my

Did we enjoy our time in Sapporo?

As we were cruising at 110km/hour on Super Hakuto heading for Hakodate from Sapporo, these questions came to my mind. “Do I like Sapporo? did we enjoy our time there?”     We came here because of the snow sculpture festival held each year at Odori park. Odori means broad

A Romantic Canal in Otaru

“Let’s not go to the Ski Resort? We can’t ski anyway, and there is already plenty of snow even everywhere here in Sapporo”.  I said to my wife, which she agreed happily. We both were still adjusting to the cold temperature here in Sapporo. We eventually decided to go to

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