Smelling the rain again

It has been almost a year since the start of the pandemic and now I get to spend the rainy season back at home. We tend to take things for granted until suddenly they are slipping away from us. I used to miss the smell and the sound of rain.

Remembrance of the Past

Have you ever smelled a particular scent or tasted some specific flavour that immediately took you back to a place or experience in the past? I did all the time but only for some specific smell and taste. There is an actual scientific explanation to that, but I’ll get to

Ending Jakarta Chapter

I’m enjoying a cup of coffee at Periplus coffee shop waiting for the boarding call. What a week! I’ve been working from home in Kupang since the start of the pandemic last year but our rent contract is expiring very soon. I had to return to Jakarta last Sunday just

Long Press the Power Button to Restart

We had that experience when our laptop suddenly stopped working and all we could do was to press long the power button to restart. That’s how I see the year of 2020. I didn’t expect a drastic change of life in 2020 as we began the year but I did

Appreciating home in time of pandemic

“I’m thinking to renegotiate my contract so I can work part-time”.  I said to my wife as we were about to sleep. It was around the end of February. All staff contracts were expiring in the following month and were being in the process of extension. My wife and I

Snapshots of Hanoi

We were hesitant at first whether to go to Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, the two famous cities in Vietnam. I was travelling for a meeting in Bangkok, Thailand and then took a few days off from work. We then decided to go to Hanoi and booked our accommodation at

Just an ordinary story about I Wayan Geden

It was around 1950 and I Wayan Geden was already working at the Mental Hospital in the city of Bangli, Bali when he heard the opening of the Police academy. Geden, was the third kid among his siblings, all boys. There were five of them, but one had passed away.

Why do we steal?

There is a saying in Bahasa Indonesia, “Kejahatan akan terjadi jika ada kesempatan dan ada keinginan“, a crime will occur if there is an opportunity and a will to commit the crime”. Two main factors contributing to committing crimes are boiled down to these two aspects; opportunity and willingness.  What

Do you want to see Sakura as early as February? Go to Kawazu

We just arrived in Shizuoka from Nagano. This was the ninth day of our two-week winter trip in Japan. Starting from Sapporo and Hakodate with the temperature ranged around -5 to -7 degrees Celsius, then we moved to Nagano with -4 degrees, suddenly a 9 degrees temperature in Shizuoka felt

Three Sides of A Story

One A man came home sharing his day at the office to his wife, “He came to me, shook my hand and said goodbye. He said he was summoned by our director this morning. He had been staying at home for almost a week since his case was discovered. He

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