Tag: friendship

Weaving the memories

“To make one large piece like this can take up to two to three months, but that’s because we don’t always weave every day” The road to Nansean village was going up-hill. The small pick-up truck bounced every now and then trying to tame the gravel road that we took

Ending Jakarta Chapter

I’m enjoying a cup of coffee at Periplus coffee shop waiting for the boarding call. What a week! I’ve been working from home in Kupang since the start of the pandemic last year but our rent contract is expiring very soon. I had to return to Jakarta last Sunday just

Lost Friends (2)

1st Part of Lost Friends Chapter 2 – Ais Manu “Are you not going to get the application form?” I asked.  “Nah, my house is near. I will just come back tomorrow.”, he said. It was just past 1pm. But the day was already hot and dry. The three of

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