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Dreadful sacred lotus

Seroja, if you google it, you’ll get a translation of Sacred Lotus, a beautiful water plant that comes in different colour of yellow, pink or purple. Commonly known in English as water lily, Seroja is a beautiful flower. It usually symbolises innocence and purity. Some culture even associate it with spirituality. Yet, the Seroja, that we know of recently, wasn’t beautiful and kind at all, instead deadly.

babi atau hantu

Pergi ke sekolah itu sesuatu yang sederhana bagi anak-anak lain tapi akan menjadi rumit buatku. Lewat kali atau jalan raya? Setiap hari pertanyaan inilah yang harus aku geluti saat mengenakan sepatu, mengambil tas dan beranjak ke sekolah: Aku bersekolah di SD Inpres Oeba 1 di Kupang. Rumahku tidak jauh dari

My favourite shots of home

I was born and grew up in Kupang, Timor Indonesia. My mother and grandmother were also born in Kupang, including my great grand parents. Our clan originally lived in Bonipoi, a moslem populated area in the old neighbourhood of Kupang City. My great grandmother was originally from Savu Island. Her

Appreciating home in time of pandemic

“I’m thinking to renegotiate my contract so I can work part-time”.  I said to my wife as we were about to sleep. It was around the end of February. All staff contracts were expiring in the following month and were being in the process of extension. My wife and I

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