Tag: Travel photography

My Favourite night shots

I learned how to take photographs because I want to take photos of the people I know and make them look good like the ones in the magazines. Funny eh? I am just happy when I can look at their smiles seeing their own photos. Along the way, I learned

My Favourite shots of the Philippines

My wife is from Davao Philippines but we haven’t travelled much to different places in the Philippines as we wanted to. From our limited travels, here are my favourite photos of the country so far. I will keep on updating this post as I find new favourite photos in the

Snapshots of Hanoi

We were hesitant at first whether to go to Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, the two famous cities in Vietnam. I was travelling for a meeting in Bangkok, Thailand and then took a few days off from work. We then decided to go to Hanoi and booked our accommodation at

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